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Our History

Aiken Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

October 14, 1908 R.L. Goodwin purchased 43 and 9 tenths acres of land from A.C. Wood on Reid School Road in Taylors, South Carolina. In 1917 R.L. Goodwin donated timber from his land to be used in the construction of the first Aiken Chapel Baptist Church.

May 17, 1911 Alfred Taylor sold one acre of land to Andrew Moseley and H.C. Priestly, to be used for a Baptist or Methodist Church School for “coloreds”. This land is located where the current church stands today. The Taylors School was not built until 1927-1928. 

July 24, 1917 fourteen people whose names appear as follows: the late Rev. R.L. Goodwin, Bro. A.D. Barton, Bro. T.A. Anderson, Bro. R.B. Watson, Bro. Joe Webb, Bro. George Greer, Bro. B.F. Goodwin, Sis. Mary Anderson, Lucile Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Sis. Hattie Watson, Sis. Anna Goodwin, Sis. Lillie Barton and Sis. Emma Barton, purchased 1 and 55/100 acres of land for $137.00 from Mrs. Ida A. Taylor-Aiken (daughter of Alfred Taylor) to build a church. 

Mrs. Ida Aiken sold these pioneers the land on the promise that the church would be named in honor of her and that the “colored” cemetery, adjacent to the Church, be consistently maintained. This was the beginning of the establishment of Aiken Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

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